Greetings From the President

Jennifer Doherty, MBA


It is such an honor to be involved with such an amazing group of women.  I think the accumulative knowledge and wisdom of our group is unparalleled in Colorado Springs.  I look forward to us continuing to add more active members that add more depth and energy with us moving forward!  

February tends to be a month where we are feeling lethargic, perhaps even get a bug or two, and need to rest to restore our energy.  I hope you are getting that well needed rest before we move into Spring and the longer days that it brings.  I will leave you with a poem that our member Bea Stahlin read at February's meeting.  It is heart-filled and I think encapsulates the support and sisterhood that we  share.  


There's something in a simple hug, that always warms the heart.
It welcomes us back home, and makes it easier to part.
A hug's a way to share the joy, and sad times we go through.
Or just a way for friends to say, they like you cause you're you.
Hugs are meant for anyone, for whom we really care.
From your grandma to your neighbor, or a cuddly teddy bear.
A hug is an amazing thing, it's just the perfect way
To show the love we're feeling, but can't find the words to say.
It's funny how a little hug, makes everyone feel good.
In every place and language, it's always understood.
And hugs don't need equipment, special batteries or parts.
Just open up your arms, and open up your hearts.


Thank you for all of your support and for being an EWI!


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